About shipping and delivery

Payment deadline

Payment is due within 2 days from the date of order.
Please note that your order will be automatically canceled if payment is not received by the payment deadline.

About the shipping time of the product

Items are usually shipped within 2 business days from the date of your order. We will ship the item within 10 business days at the latest.

About product delivery time

Once the item is shipped, it will normally arrive within 5 days.
*If there is a concentration of orders, or depending on the area where the customer lives, the arrival of the product may be delayed.

About shipping method

Sagawa Express transportation
Package tracking site: https://www.sagawa-exp.co.jp/

Yamato Transport

Package Tracking Site: https://www.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/

All products in this store are free shipping nationwide .

About payment method

● Bank transfer ● Credit payment ● PayPal payment * The transfer fee varies depending on each financial institution/purchase price.
*Customers are responsible for handling fees. There are some delays in delivery due to Covid-19.